VELA Ship Agency

VELA  authorized Shipping Agency Company  in the Turkey Marmara Region

VELA provides the full range of Shipping Agency Services in all Tekirdag  & Kocaeli Port , Tekirdag,  Akport, Martas, Opet, Butangaz,  Asya Port , NATO Port, TMO, that Tekirdag  pier agent service, also Tekirdag yacht agency in Tekirdag marina , Marmara Ereglisi, Kocaeli & izmit bay ports Poliport, Nuh Cimento, TCDD Derince,  Yılport and others .

Through a network of owned and managed offices in the region. Our staff, who are fully dedicated to providing Port Agency services, work in teams consisting of an appropriate mixture of local and international staff to ensure all our principals' needs are met.

Our Agency teams are on hand 24 hours a day every day to ensure quick, accurate and effective communication with our principals.

We are agents at Tekirdag and Kocaeli (İzmit ) ports for all kinds of vessels.  At competitive D/A with rebates & discounts, first class service… Pls. do not hesitate to contact with us. Performa D/A Application

VELA in all Tekirdağ and Kocaeli (İzmit) ports  shipping agency services. Render agent services or relevant services for domestic and international vessels. Our company handle  yearly 500 vessel agent operation.

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Gemi Acenteliği Hizmetleri / Ship Agency Service


Önceliğimiz müşterilerimize Tekirdağ'da en doğru ve en iyi Gemi Acenteliği hizmetini  sunmaktır.

Bunun için sürekli gayretler içindeyiz.


Our priority is to offer our customers the most accurate and best Shipping Agency service in Tekirdağ and Marmara Ereğlilisi Ports.

We are constantly striving to improve our services and add new ones for yours maritime needs