VELA Service;

We have been providing our agency service to our respectful clients in a very wide scope as acting

· Cargo Agency

· Tramp Agency

· Liner Agency

· Protecting Agency

· Technical Management

· Ship repair and docking at shipyards

· Cargo operations (loading and discharging)

· Ship to ship transfer operations

· Off-port limits services

· Temporary lay-up services

· Owners / charterers protective agency

· Ship underwater inspection services

· Cash to master

· Supply of freshwater

· Crew changes

· Crew medical, repatriation and welfare operations

· Ships spares handling, storage and delivery

· Assisting vessels in transit passage throughout Turkish Straits Legal advice, in case there is a necessity

· Shipping agency services (in all Turkish ports & transit clearance through straits).

· Loading / Discharging operations attendance

· Ship's supply arrangements (bunkers ,lubricants, provisions , freshwater, bonded stores etc.)

· Repairs & Dry docking services.

· Hull, deck and engine survey support.

· Garbage & Waste oil disposal arrangement.

· Diving support.

· Arranging medical services.

· Crew change services.

· Motorboat & Car services.

· Delivery services. (cash to master, spare , mail and store)